Solutions For Storing Paring Knives

If you’re unaware of what a paring knife is, it’s a small knife often for fruits and vegetables. Once upon a time, before potato peelers were invented, they were even used to peel potatoes. They are much smaller then a chef knife or a meat cleaver.

Paring knives are typically used often, but due to their size, they can be easily misplaced. When they are misplaced, you may accidentally poke yourself on one of the blades. Whether they get mixed in with the forks, or thrown into the back-end of a drawer, we’d like to help you find a better way to optimize your storage.

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Plastic Knife Cases or Bags

Sometimes paring knives come with model-specific cases or bags in which to store the blade, but this is not always the case. If your knife didn’t come with one, you can usually buy these from a third-party company. Storing your knives in cases or bags makes them much easier to locate and find, especially if the case or bag is unique in design or color.

These also make the knives much safer to store.

Magnetic Boards

They now make magnetic boards specifically to hold knives. You can place these upon the wall and simply place your paring knives on them. These are truly convenient, as you can simply grab the knife and get down to business. Just make sure you install it properly and in a safe location, as you really wouldn’t want the knives to fall from the sky.

Applying Corks to the Tips of the Blades

If you find yourself continuously hurting yourself on exposed blades, you can stick a spare wine cork on the end of the blade. This renders the blade much safer to store, as you would be unable to stab yourself with the point of one.

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