Why Do Chef Knives Have Dimples?

There many different types of knives available for a consumer to purchase. Some are for cleaving meat, others for chopping vegetables. Some knives have a smooth blade, while other knives are dimpled.

However, many people wonder why chef knives have dimples on them.

To answer the question, these dimples, also known as a Granton edge, are shallow indentations placed on the edge of the knife. The purpose of these indentations is to minimize suction and make the knives easier to pull out of whatever is being cut. They also prevent the food from sticking to the blade. This results in a much better cooking experience, as they make cutting much easier.

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Benefits of a Granton Edge

The Granton edge is usually applied to knives used to cut larger wet types of food, such as meat, vegetables, or fruit. These types of food create a suction effect which gives the knife a bit of drag, and makes it harder to move.

The Granton edge is made to solve this problem, by reducing the surface area of the knife on the food, thus minimizing the drag.

Smooth knives can cut just about anything, but dimpled knives sometimes do it better. Dimpled knives don’t have any drawbacks, so if you’re wondering whether you should buy a standard smooth blade or a dimpled blade, there is no reason not to go for the dimpled blade, if given both options.


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