Why Do My Steak Knives Rust?

Chefs use quite a lot of tools while cooking in a kitchen, and steak knives are just a other ‘tool in the shed’, or should I say kitchen? Steak is a beloved food in many parts of the world, and particularly in western culture. Many people spend a lot of money to buy fancy and often expensive knives to suit their fancy. Unfortunately, sometimes rust can make a knife hard to handle, because obviously, you don’t want to consume the rust.

In this article we are going to discuss why steak knives rust and some information about common rust points knives often suffer from, including some precautions you can take in order to prevent your knife from rusting.

Pit Corrosion

Pit corrosion is one of the leading spots of rust on steak knives. It takes place near the sharp edges of the knife. It happens when the edges get scratched due an oxidative reaction. Steak knives are often scratched on the bone of the steak.


One of the main reasons knives rust is simply due to excess humidity.

It’s important to keep your knife dry and away from harsh elements.

Dishwashers are common nowadays, and in almost every home, but did you know putting your knife into the dishwasher will expose it to an intense level of humidity and could prove detrimental to it’s longevity?

It is also important to dry your knife after manually washing it.

Don’t Leave Your Knife in the Sink

The kitchen is often a hectic place, and there is always a lot to be done. Many people like to place their kitchen knives in the sink, in order to keep all of their dishes ready to wash in the same place. Unfortunately, this exposes the knife to humidity and may cause the knife to rust. If you want your knife to last a long time, then be sure to wash and dry it immediately or soon after use.

Sharpening the Knife Prevents Rust

As mentioned previously within this article, pit corrosion is the most common rust point for a kitchen knife. Keeping your knives properly sharpened helps to keep your knife in tip-top shape and it also prevents rust from forming at the pit points.

Be Sure to Tackle Rust Spots Immediately After They Appear

If you see a small spot of rust on your knife, it is recommended to tackle the problem immediately. It may be a small spot now, but could turn into a much large spot at a later date. Rust not only gets worse over time, but it also becomes harder to remove.


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