Dalstrong Kiritsuke Chef Knife Review

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This Kiritsuke Chef Knife by Dalstrong is designed to deliver optimal performance, whether in a professional kitchen, or in your home.

It’s attributes include an excellent cutting ability, quality materials, and good workmanship. Dalstrong has become a brand known by many.

Keep reading to find out more about the Dalstrong Kiritsuke Chef Knife.

This Kiritsuke Chef Knife by Dalstrong is designed to deliver optimal performance, whether in a professional kitchen, or in your home.


  • Maintains a sharp age for effortless cutting.
  • The reinforced handle provides durability and even weight distribution.
  • The blade is full tang and balanced.
  • The ergonomic handle provides fatigue-free use.
  • Dalstrong makes this knife from high quality materials and it’s sure to last a long time.


  • The knife is a little heavier compared to some other knives. If you’re a novice, you may find the knife a bit unwieldy.

Razor-Sharp Edge

The Dalstrong Kiritsuke Chef Knife cuts into food with ease and has no problem cutting even harder vegetables such as carrots.

The blade is made from Japanese AUS-10 steel and is polished by hand. The steel is treated in order to withstand erosion, allowing the edge to maintain it’s sharpness. AUS-10 steel handles very similarly to VG10 steel but maintains it’s edge much easier.

The blade on this knife is ultra sharp, so you may find that this knife fits many uses and you may end up using your other knives less.

Ergonomic Handle

The handle is a very important thing to consider when purchasing a kitchen knife. It’s important to look for a knife which features proper ergonomics, so it’s comfortable to hold and use. A knife with poor ergonomics could also cause hand pain and other discomforts. The Dalstrong Kiritsuke Chef Knife has a wooden handle featuring 3 rivets to secure it strongly to the blade. It has strong ergonomics and seems comfortable to hold. The only issue I might see is maybe if you have very small hands.

Stainless and Corrosion Resistant Blade

The Dalstrong Kiritsuke is comprised of quality Japanese AUS-10 steel. This metal handles very similarly to VG10 but is much easier to take care of maintain. AUS-10 is a quality steel and there is no fault to find here.

The quality steel not only lasts a long time, but it allows the blade to hold it’s edge for a much longer time, resulting in less time spent maintaining the blade.

The blade is resistant to corrosion and acidic foods.

I would recommend cleaning this knife with mild soapy water, followed by an immediate drying.

Full-Tang Construction Blade

A high quality knife will always feature a full-tang construction. This means that the blade runs throughout the entire handle as one single piece. This increases stability and allows for better balance. The Dalstrong Kuritsuke Chef Knife features a full-tang construction and is firmly secured onto the handle by three metal rivets.

Safety Features

The knife is designed with a bolstered handle in order to keep your sands safe while slicing and chopping. A bolstered handle can help prevent cooking accidents by preventing your fingers from coming in contact with the blade during use and is an important safety feature.

It also features a distinct knuckle free clearance feature which protections your knuckles from hitting the cutting board while chopping.


The Dalstrong Kiritsuke Chef Knife ranks high both in customer satisfaction as well as in regard to the quality materials it is crafted from. It’s features include full-tang construction, a premium non-staining Japanese steel blade, and a very fair price, considering what the blade is. A good chef knife can not only improve your cooking, but they also make excellent gifts.

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