Fire Starter Kits That Work Under Wet Conditions

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Many people consider fire starting kits a necessity and often include them within their bug-out bags.

However, the quality of these kits often vary and it’s important to have one that works under high levels of humidity.

Today I’m going to talk about a few fire starter kits that work under wet conditions.

Better Wood Products Fire Drops

Better Wood Products Fire Drops can ensure that you have access to fire if or when you are in dire need.

The ‘drops’ are made to look like wood shavings and are mixed with resin.

They are then molded together into a little muffin tin.

These are low-weight and burn very well under wet conditions.

The only disadvantage of these is that they are single-use.

They also come in a non-resealable bag.

Instafire Fire Starter

The Instafire Fire Starter contain a dust-textured material which is highly flammable.

You can even ignite this stuff while it’s floating on-top of water.

These packets are lightweight and work under wet conditions.

Each packet contains enough powder to start multiple fires.

This is good stuff.

Better Wood Products – Fatwood Firestarter

The Fatwood Firestarter is made by Better Wood Products.

It consists of a 2×6 piece of wood and is coated in a flammable resin.

This is a reliable firestarter it works very well.

Even if you get these wet, you should still be able to light them.

I would definitely recommend keeping some of these on-hand.

Main Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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