IWA OutdoorClassics Reschedules Postponed 2020 Event for September

The IWA OutdoorClassics Show is one of the largest knife events in the world and I previously discussed the event being postponed due to coronavirus. The original event was supposed to take place in March, however, it seems they were able to decide on a new date, September 3rd to 6th, 2020.

Although it may seem like is a while out, this is good news for those who wished to participate and take part in this world-class knife show. The organizers also decided that every show going forward will take place in September. So, if you were planning to take time off, schedule hotels, or anything of that nature, in advance for this event, keep in mind that it will no longer be in March, going forward.

“We are pleased about the high level of commitment in the industry – after intensive deliberations and numerous positive discussions with national and international customers, we have chosen the new date at the beginning of September also for the following years”. – Petra Wolf, IWA Representative

The event will still take place in it’s usual location, the Exhibition Centre in Nuremburg, Germany..

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