Nightmorning Designs Possible New TwoSun Knife

TwoSun Knives aren’t often in the spotlight, but they do produce quality knives at a reasonable price, considering the craftsmanship. A more recent design which may possibly join the TwoSun lineup is from Nightmorning Design.

This particular knife is known as the 263.

It is a large flipped knife made from quality materials.

The blade is 3.46″ long. Not only is this suitable for most tasks, but it shows off the sleek new blade design. The profile is similar to a modified drop point blade, but the cutting edge is reinforced.

TwoSun still seems to be deciding which steel they prefer, as they seem to be crafting knives out of all sorts of different steels. The 263 is made out of 14C28N. This isn’t a high-end steel, but nonetheless, it’s a solid performer.

The opening mechanism is a front flipper design.

The handle is slick and is made from titanium, sporting Micarta inlays.

Total weight of the 263 is 4.13 ounces.

What do you think of Nightmorning Design’s 263 knife?

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