Rike Knives Releases the Hummgbird Plus Knife

Rike Knives has officially released the Hummingbird Plus knife. This is a larger version of it’s predecessor, the original, mini, Hummingbird knife. It’s made to look quite similar to the original model, but in a full-size flipper form.

The original Hummingbird knife was one of the first knives released by Rike. These knives proved to be quite popular and definitely helped catapult the company’s growth. The original knife was only 3.97 inches in total size, whereas the Hummingbird Plus has a 3.54 inch edge on the blade alone. It also shares many other features with the original Hummingbird such as a sweeping drop-point blade.

Despite the resemblance to it’s predecessor, a few changes were made on the larger, updated model. For example, they switched to a liner lock, rather then a titanium frame lock. The blade steel is N690Co rather then Damasteel, as the original was made from. Additionally, the knife also lacks the hummingbird wing handle cutouts so popular on the original model. The new Hummingbird plus weighs about 4.58 ounces.

The Hummingbird Plus knife is currently available for purchase.

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