Steel Will Crafts New ‘Screamer’ Knife for 2020

It’s a new year, and a new knife by Steel Will. The new Screamer is a mid-sized, utility-oriented flipper blade that not only functions quite well, but is pretty to boot.

As mentioned, the Screamer is a mid-size knife with a drop point of 3.2 inches long. It has an opening hole and a large harpoon-styled swage. These elements give the Screamer a unique style which doesn’t deviate from it’s original basis.

More then being a beautiful knife, it is also made to be functional. The screamer’s handle is similar to the Cutjack series, although there are some minor changes. The finger guard is more pronounced and the angling has been smoothed down further. It still has the same humpbacked spine and back-spacer.

This knife was on display at Steel Will’s SHOT show booth. He is releasing several other knives this year as well, including the Scylla and the Avior. We’ll have more on those knives later.

Steve Will, the creator of this knife, says it should be available next week.

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