Virginia Switchblade Commerce Bill Vetoed by Governor

It’s official. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has vetoed Knife Rights‘ SB1251, which is also known as the Virginia Switchblade Commerce Bill. The bill was made in order to create new jobs in economically challenged parts of Virginia by loosening legal requirements regarding switchblades.

The bill was supposed to amend the state law of Virginia and allow both manufacturers and distributors to both possess switchblades and related merchandise, but also ship them out of the state. The legislation was not going to make the use and carry of these knives legal in Virginia.

In his veto message, Northam was quoted as saying:

“If switchblade knives are too dangerous to be sold in Virginia, we should not facilitate their sale and distribution in other states.”

Currently, at least some form of a switchblade is legal in 44 states, yet, in Virginia, they are heavily regulated. Although unlikely, it is still possible that a veto override may take place, however, it would require a 2/3 vote from both the state Senate, as well as the House of Delegates.

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